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Company Profile

Company Profile

Shandong Yijia Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. is a company that specializes in the production of disposable paper pulp and environmentally friendly tableware, and it sells well in the consumer market and enjoys a high position among consumers. The company has established a long-term stable relationship with many retailers and agents Partnership. At the same time can be customized printing according to customer needs. Shandong Yijia Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. has strong strength, credibility, contract observance, product quality assurance, and the principle of multi-variety management characteristics and small profits but quick sales, which has won the trust of our customers.


Product Overview
At present, our company has more than 200 varieties of five types of pulp molded environmental protection tableware:
1. Plates (mainly used for holding stir-fried vegetables, etc.): 5 inch dishes, 6 inch dishes, 7 inch dishes, 8 inch dishes, 6 inch discs, 7 inch discs, 9 inch discs, 9 inch three grid circles Plate, 10 inch round plate, 10 inch 3 grid round plate, small oval plate, middle oval plate, large oval plate, 6 inch square plate, 8 inch square plate, 10 inch square plate, 10 inch rectangular plate, etc .;
2. Bowls (mainly used for serving soup, noodles, coffee, etc.): 500ml bowls, 340ml bowls, 7-inch bowls, 6-inch bowls, 350ml bowls, 400ml bowls, 350ml curling bowls, etc.
3. Cups (mainly used to hold coffee, soup, ice cream, etc.): 500ml cup, 500ml cup lid, 425ml cup, 425m cup lid, 140ml cup, 260ml cup, 370nl cup, 350ml cup, 200ml cup, etc .;
4. Tray (mainly used to hold cakes, vegetables, fruits, meat, etc.): American tray, 350ml tray, cake tray 4 inch cake tray, 6 inch cake bottom tray, 8 inch cake bottom tray, 10 inch cake bottom tray Tray, 12-inch cake bottom tray, 14-inch cake bottom tray, 16-inch cake bottom tray, etc.


5. Boxes (mainly used for packaging in fast food restaurants): 600ml lunch box, 1000ml double grid lunch box, 450ml hamburger box, 450ml lunch box, 9 inch large box, 8 inch large box, 10 inch large box, 9 * 6 inch Meal box, 8 inch 3 grid lunch box, 10 inch 3 grid lunch box, split packaging box, split multi grid lunch box, etc.
Pulp molding products can develop new molds and produce new varieties according to customer needs. Our company has a strong mold development capability. The products we can develop are mainly catering appliances, and we can produce products with different weights, specifications and styles according to the needs of different customers.


Production and processing experience


Special cross-border supply, great customization advantages


Existing varieties of pulp molded environmental protection tableware



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